TweetCamp Chicago was a HUGE success thanks to YOU!

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Morning session grid at TweetCamp Chicago, partially filled out. Photo by @MauraHernandez

Thanks to all our attendees, volunteers, and especially to our sponsors: The Association for Women Journalists, Columbia College Journalism Department, Domino’s Pizza/Ramon DeLeon, OfficePort, Rackspace, Rohdesign and NeedGraphics.

We could not have done this without support from all of you! We hope you all enjoyed the day and were able to learn, exchange ideas and meet new people.

We’re going to be collecting photos, video, presentations and whatever else is available from all of you to create a RECAP tab here at If you’ve got anything you’ve posted online that we can also feed into our site, please let us know by contacting us via e-mail at to arrange sharing your content with us. We will gladly link to your sites as well.

To start, we created an archive of all tweets using our unconference hashtag, #TCchi (it doesn’t matter if you wrote #TCchi, #TCCHI, #tcchi, etc.; our archive grabbed them all). If you’d like to see all that was tweeted from/about TweetCamp Chicago yesterday and going forward, you can check out our TwapperKeeper archive. It will continue to populate with results as people continue using the hashtag. As of Sunday morning (less than 24 hours after the unconference ended), we had over 1,100 tweets in the archive!

Barbara Talisman (@BTalisman) of Talisman Associates talks about Twitter for Nonprofits at TweetCamp Chicago. Photo by @MauraHernandez

Barbara Talisman (@BTalisman) of Talisman Associates talks about Twitter for Nonprofits at TweetCamp Chicago. Photo by @MauraHernandez

Also, TweetCamp Chicago has created an official #TCchi TweepML group. Visit the site and you can follow all TweetCamp Chicago attendees with one click! Or, you can pick and choose who to follow if you’re already following some, but not others. If you’d like to get your name added to the list, please @msg the official TweetCamp Chicago Twitter account like this:

@TweetCampChgo Add me to the #TCchi TweepML list, please!

We’ll also be adding any user names that were submitted via your Eventbrite registration form over the next few days. It won’t add you immediately, so please have some patience because each new name has to be added manually. This list is only for folks who were registered for TweetCamp and attended. Others are welcome to follow, but only attendees will be added.

Beginning Monday, October 12th, we will start posting recap items, links, photos and video of TweetCamp Chicago as you send us content you’re willing to share.


TweetCamp Chicago t-shirt designed by Mike Rhode (@rohdesign). Photo by @MauraHernandez

Again, we cannot thank you enough for all your support and positive response to the unconference format of TweetCamp Chicago. We hope you had a great time and we’re looking forward to planning TweetCamp Chicago 2.o soon!

In the meantime, if there’s anything we can do or questions/comments you would like to share, please get in touch!

We’ll also be adding a FEEDBACK tab shortly so you can write in and share with others what you learned and what your favorite parts of the day were. You can either leave comments there for us or send them in via email to If you didn’t get a shirt at TweetCamp and you still want one, we have some for sale at $10 each. You can email us to place an order.

Anything else you’d like to see on the site? Let us know. We look forward to receiving shared content and lots of feedback so TweetCamp Chicago 2.0 will be even bigger and better!

Thanks from your friendly organizers and we’ll be in touch again soon,

@MauraHernandez and @kdc (Maura & Keidra)


Some TweetCamp Chicago attendees listen to one of many impromptu sessions. Photo by @MauraHernandez



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DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: TweetCamp Chicago is going to allow walk-up registrations tomorrow.

• We’ll have two laptops with Eventbrite for you to register on-site, which means credit cards only

• Price for walk-ups will be $45 and includes a tshirt until we’re out!

• We’ll also have a limited number of tshirts for sale for $10, and you can pay via our on-site Eventbrite laptops as well

TweetCamp Topic: Twitter & Nonprofits

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A number of folks who’ve signed up for TweetCamp Chicago already have let us know they’re interested in talking about how nonprofits can use Twitter. For some expertise in that area, we reached out to our friend Barbara Talisman from Talisman Associates. She’s volunteered to share some tips and tricks this Saturday at TweetCamp in a session on Twitter for Nonprofits.

Barbara was also kind enough to lend us a post from her blog, Thinking Out Loud. You can follow Barbara Talisman on Twitter @Btalisman.


Fundraising – Old Ways with New Media

Let’s talk about the Summer of Social Good and Twestival—all good-intentioned attempts to raise money via social media and in person. I believe there is a new generation of potential donors. They want to network (in person or virtually), are immensely comfortable using social media, quick communication and updates feed them. Traditional fundraising is high-touch, verbose and stuffy. We are still sending mail while these folks have electronic billing and probably receive little hard copy of anything via snail mail.

Convert traditional event leadership into virtual event leadership

* Take a look at the fans and friends on your organization Facebook and Twitter accounts
* Identify those with many followers and friends
o 500-1,000+ –you want power users
* Review their updates, comments, friends, pages, causes, groups–see if there is a link to your organization
o Honestly, Facebook and Twitter can provide the best insight to a supporter we have ever had! Prospect research is great, but through these profiles and all the information they provide we can learn a lot about a person.
* Contact the power users and ask them to lead your campaign on Twitter, Facebook, web
o Using the power of their network to invite people to support your organization
o Ask for their advice on outreach – see what ideas they have


* “If you want money, ask for advice. If you want advice, ask for money.”

Because these folks have many friends and followers, the opportunity for your campaign to grow quickly is huge. A couple of friends of fans with 1,000s of online friends can quickly ramp up your fundraising using social media.

BETFor more on how to cultivate a relationship with virtual leaders (think: major donor), check out Thinking Out Loud.

Barbara also has a BlogTalkRadio show, Making A Difference, which is now available as a podcast on iTunes.

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